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    • 請問~ぽっち的文法

      ぽっち 有"a tiny bit of"的意思 表示極少量的 用法是接在指示代名詞和數詞後面 1和4的話...

    • 英文]]水需要多少時間能結冰?

      ...start with the first. If you take two glasses, and fill one with a tiny bit of water, and the other about halfway, then put them both in the freezer, the one...

    • 請問幾句翻譯(餐飲類) - 10 points

      ...fermentation, our fresh milk became sour milk.  Then we added a tiny bit of salt, so it tastes both sour and salty at the same time. 2. 亞德茶是...