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    tip one's hand

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    • 請各位幫我解決以下的英文片語

      all ears: 洗耳恭聽 / at the tip of one's tongue: 差一點就衝口而出 / all walks of life:各行各業 / be caught red-handed:當場被逮 / (Your questions are too many for now. ^__^)

    • 麻煩幫我翻譯,英翻中【醫學】 請勿用翻譯軟體。謝謝!

      .... 單腳拐放在腳外側握得到的地方 One hand is placed on the armrest and the other hand...push directly downward on the cane to prevent the cane foem tipping. 病人必須直接向下壓柺杖以防止柺杖晃動傾斜...

    • 英文俚語丶慣用語的英文填空。 20點

      ...洗耳恭聽 all ears 9、祝你好運Go break a leg 10、自欺欺人 bury one's head in the sand 11.有更重要的事要辦 bigger fish to fry 12.袖手旁觀 not lift a hand 13.笨拙的人;動輒弄壞東西的人 bull in a china shop 14.冷靜下來 cool ...