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  1. tip someone off

    • ph.
      give someone information about something, typically in a discreet or confidential way
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    • 這一句英文看不太懂...幫忙一下@@

      ...就是指國際事務. Give away就是中文的露了口風的意思,跟"tip sonething off"跟透露某是有點像.另外還有一句叫做"on the tip of someones' tounge'' 是說某人有衝動想把某是說出,但話嘴邊又吞回去了.

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      ..., 走過一隻隻拉住我的手 with your tips your drinks you’re buying...領回的小孩般回神到這音樂震天的現實裡 I need someone to believe in 我 真的需要個能相信的人

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