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  1. titled

    • IPA[ˈtaɪtld]



    • adj.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 有頭銜的 the titled classes 貴族階級
  2. 知識+

    • title的英文意思

      Title 的意思就是: 1. 標題 或 書名 (book title) a descriptive heading/ 2. 有時是頭銜或稱號的意思 (ex. Roger Federer is titled as the World's No. 1 Tennis Player) A...

    • 請問英文的單字......Title I aides?

      Title I Aides 應該是學校的助理,老師...是他的主題,就會比較明白 Article Title: Many Title I Aides... students, only 15 percent of Title I money went to those schools...

    • 論文寫作running title

      The title is what you call it and write at the top or on a title page. Some people set their word processor to put a short title on each page beside the page number, and that's a "running...