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  1. to

    • KK[tu]
    • DJ[tu:]


    • prep.
    • adv.
    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞
    • prep.
    • 1. 向,往,到

      She lives in the house to the right. 她住在右邊的房子裡。

      This road leads to Paris. 這條路通往巴黎。

    • 2. (表示距離)離
    • 3. (表示時間)直到,在……之前

      He wrote from morning to night. 他從早到晚寫東西。

    • 4. (表示程度,範圍)到,達

      He was wet to the skin. 他渾身濕透了。

    • 5. 趨於;(變)成,(變)到

      Things are going from bad to worse. 情形每況愈下。

    • 6. (表示位置)對,面對
    • 7. (表示接近,接觸)在,於,緊貼著
    • 8. (表示對象)對,向

      Excessive drinking did harm to his health. 過量飲酒損害了他的健康。

    • 9. 屬於,歸於

      I've lost the key to the house. 我把屋子的鑰匙丟失了。

    • 10. (表示比較,對比)比

      This engine is superior to that one. 這臺發動機比那臺要好。

    • 11. (表示比例關係)每
    • 12. 對於,關於

      What is her attitude to the issue? 她對這個問題抱什麼態度?

    • 13. 與……一致,按……

      Modern paintings are not to my taste. 現代畫不合我的口味。

    • 14. 為了,用作

      We sat down to dinner at six. 我們六點鐘坐下來吃飯。

    • 15. 致使

      To her delight, she passed the examination. 使她高興的是她考試及格了。

    • 16. 由於
    • adv.
    • 1. 向前
    • 2. (門等)關上

      She pushed the door to. 她用力把門關上。

    • 3. 恢復意識

      The girl came to after a while. 過了一會兒那個女孩醒過來了。

    • 4. (做)起來,著手

      They fell to with great relish. 他們津津有味地吃了起來。

    • 5. 在近旁


    「prep. 到……;使得……」的反義字

    • ph. (使)抵達; 把...送到

    • When we got to the airport, the plane had already taken off. 我們到達機場時, 飛機已經起飛了。

    • ph. 轉向

    • As he turned to me I noticed that he had a scar on his face. 當他轉向我時, 我注意到他臉上有個疤。

    • ph. 開始工作(或打架、吃東西等)

    • They fell to with a good appetite. 他們開始津津有味地大吃起來。

    • ph. (往事等)再現; 重新想起

    • Our first meeting often recurs to me/my mind. 我們初次見面的情形時常浮現於我的腦海。

      Old memories often recurred to him. 往事常常重新浮現在他的心頭。

    • ph. 根據, 按照

    • Please arrange the books according to size. 請按大小將書分類。

      He will be punished according to the seriousness of his crime. 他將據其罪行的輕重受到處罰。

    • ph. 緊握不放

    • The small child clung to its mother. 那小孩緊緊抓住母親不放。

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    • KK[tu]
    • DJ[tu:]


    • prep.
    • The government offered to give us financial help. 政府提出在經濟上給我們援助。

      To gossip about others isn't right. 說閒話是不對的。

    • IPA[tuː]



    • prep.
    • to travel from place to place 四處奔波

      to the country/town 到鄉下/城裡

    • adv.
    • push the door to 推門關上

      when the curtains are to 幕簾拉上時

    • 到,向,往
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