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    • 跟外勞簡單的英文會話-10

      ...take the grandpa to the hospital, and ask the doctor to give him a flu shot. I have made an appointment with the doctor via internet. 2. ... seems like an allergic reaction or spasm. 希望能幫得上忙

    • 急~想麻煩大大幫檢查文法~感謝

      ...have to endure? And every day we have to go to the hospital to watch him... loved ones, or to run away from the trouble. It is only meant to give the dying their right...

    • 英文翻中文拜託

      甦醒之後, 這些飢餓的掠食性動物和活的羊一起被關在柵欄裡. 這些狼開始攻擊羊,但一當牠們聞到獵物身上的氣味時,卻停止了攻擊並且儘可能遠離它. 當柵欄的門一開,很明顯地這些狼急忙跑出, 閃避這頭羊身上的味道. 才五分, 好少哦! 就這樣吧