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  1. to a certain extent

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    • 1. 達到一定程度 I agree with you to a certain extent, but... 我在一定程度上同意你的意見, 但...
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    • 「就某種程度上而言」請問英文~

      在某種程度上 to a certain extent; to some extent to a certain degree; to some degree http... you think everyone is prejudiced to a certain extent? 你認為每個人都懷有某種程度上的偏見嗎...

    • 文法題一題) the extent to 的用法

      先要知道一個片語 to a [certain] extent (就某程度而言); to a greater or lesser extent...的程度。本來which 就代掉 extent,但是要使用片語 to the extent, 所以變成 to which. 整體翻譯: 當這流行疾病爆發...

    • 高中英文作文。20點

      Advantage: To a certain extent, i agreed that life today is indeed...through the internet. In the past, they would have to hog over a phone with long queue at the back. The ...