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    • 1. 一天也不差;恰好 It's 5 years to a day. 恰好五年整。
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    • 請幫我翻一下這篇英文

      welcome to a day of my life. 歡迎來到我生命中的一天 once upon a time we swore... love out 在圓中糾葛直到失去了愛 . Why is it so hard to say goodbye? 為什麼說再見會那麼難? so low... 那麼的低(呃,這句非常沒有...

    • 形容詞比較級文法問題

      1.I need to take a day off for my ____ funeral a.former wife grandfather's b...To DSG's comment 007 "be the last person to VR" is a commonly used phrase in English, which ...

    • 誰能幫我寫50字英語文章(急需!) 片語: 1.take pride in 2.take turns 3.take interest in 4.look forward to 5.take (a day) off 英語文章 The day before yesterday, it seems something like ...