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  1. to a degree

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      【口】非常; 很
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    • 1. 【口】非常; 很 The film was boring to a degree. 這部影片非常枯燥。
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    • little和a little的差別在哪呢?還有用法?

      a little」 adv. to a small degree; somewhat; "it's a bit warm"; "felt a little...much」 adv. - To a great degree or extent; greatly; abundantly; far; nearly. adj. - ...

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      ... believe that such differences, to a certain degree, are due to heredity. 1. A number...” (subject in that-clause), “to a certain degree”, (adverbial phrase in that-clause) “are...

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      ...某種程度上 to a certain extent; to some extent to a certain degree; to some degree就某種程度上而言 in a certain extent in a certain degree speaking to the extent of xxxx speaking to the degree...