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  1. to agonize over

    • v.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 為某事傷腦筋;為某事痛苦 I have been agonizing over my erectile dysfunction over the last three years. 過去三年來,我為我的性無能傷透了腦筋。
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    • 我的第二篇英文日記˙˙ describe me. I'm sorry for the incident to happen, Now I am very anxious..._left "I am not still agonizing over this even ..........." there is one typo...

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      這有點離譜吧!前面是禱詞,後面是幹譙。你是基督徒嗎?一個被朋友陷害的基督徒?你不會想拿這玩意兒來作你查經班的禱告吧! 我的主耶穌!我是如此的不堪,祢在這個黑暗的世代裏,光照我內在的污穢。為什麼我不能同祢一樣我的罪感到扎心?我對我的麻木感到驚心。我感到差...

    • 英文的押韻情詩

      ...quot;keen mental suffering or distress over affliction or loss" "Grieve... a verb, which means "agonize" 2008-03-10 23:32:46 補充: If you reallywant to use the word "grieve". Here...