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  1. to be detrimental to

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    • 1. 對……有害的 Smoking is detrimental to your health. 吸煙對你的身體健康有害。
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    • 英文翻譯,有關蜂蜜A4

      ...honey is usually submitted to thermal treatment; however, thermal treatment can be detrimental to quality of honey. 因此 在蜂蜜的製造跟包裝過程, 通常會對蜂蜜進行加熱處理...

    • 請問句子中的to是哪裡來的?

      ...副詞子句的述部do something) 2013-09-10 13:10:36 補充: This kind of food is detrimental both to the individuals that consume it and to society to the individuals...

    • 化工低朋友誰能跟我說這具低意思 謝謝~

      The increasing content of triazine branching unit is detrimental to the solubility of the hyperbranched products. 增加 triazine 的分歧單位的含量...