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  1. to be honest

    • ph.
      speaking frankly
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    • ph.
      speaking frankly

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 請問英文的to be用法? dependable the man whom i believed to be honest deceived me 請問I believe______dependable...的the man.引導出形容詞子句 I believed to be honest. b. whom在形容詞子句中,當believed...

    • 英文to be的省略

      I thought him (to be) an honest man. I believe him (to be) an honest man...也是完全及物動詞, 沒有授與動詞的特性, 同樣不可省略to be 或as. 2011-08-16 13:40:55 補充: 光是不完全及物...

    • 什麼是to be honest

      ...answer is better, the other one got a few grammar mistakes to be honest nung的答案較正確˙坦白說˙另一個則有一些文法上的錯誤...