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    • 1. 確切地說 To be precise, the train leaves at nine past eleven. 確切地說,火車十一點零九分開。
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    • 幫我中翻英~(一段中文摘要)

      ...and not resist by active analysis inflammation,more use GC/MS not to be lasted plant compositions of oil precises fragrant of five kinds, the precise oil of apple eucalyptus is mainly by 1...

    • (急!)請幫忙把對話翻譯成英文

      ...?! We're going outside Taiwan? B: To be precise, the outer islands also include places outside Taiwan. Don...

    • University of California

      ...managerial economics, but I don't think is a good alternative major for you. To be precise, managerial economics is equivalent to "economics." and it is similar...