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    to beat the band

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      ~ 不假設它將敲 任何您人們您的鳥類棲息處讀貢獻從動物。其他先生Kipling 和好許多展示了事實動物能自我表達用有報酬英語, 並且雜誌不去現今按沒有動物故事在它, 除了仍然跑Bryan 和Mont Pelee 恐怖的圖片的老牌月度。 但您不需要尋找任何陷進的...

    • 英文克漏字

      ...' hands in a golden bowl, the beating of the drum to get the initiation __D__ way. Participants...of age, a performance by a Confucian music band, and the wearing of hats with ...

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      ...ballad which turns into a up-beat and dynamic sound that is full...and melodies. Coming to a close with the familiar ballad, this piece within itself! Your band will really enjoy playing this...