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  1. to break away from

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    • 1. 擺脫 My advice is for you to break away from your vices, such as smoking, drinking, gambling, and womanizing. 我的建議是要你擺脫一些壞習慣,諸如抽煙,喝酒,賭博,及玩女人等。
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    • 麻煩幫我檢查此篇英文~贈20點喔

      ...favorite buffet is 野宴, it chooses to break away from the traditional Taiwanese common diets...誇大的描述而已) kinds of food for me to choose from, and it appeals me. 你本來說"...

    • break away的用法這樣是否合理呢?

      ...分離/脫離的用法 如果你要翻"讓我的人生少了痛苦"的話, 我建議把break away改成take away 希望有幫助! 2013-06-01 11:49:15 補充: 那你參考一下: let me escape from pain 這比較好*let me be rid of pain 這也不錯*Rid me of...

    • Busting Loose from The Money

      ...quot;busting loose from the money game" means "you try hard to break away from the hold of money making cycle" (it implies that such a cycle ...