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    to conclude

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    • 請麻煩英翻高手來幫忙檢查檢查錯誤(英翻中)

      To conclude in a laconic fashion 用簡明扼要的方式作出結論 the upshot of the study... acquaintance with the flowers of speech adding up to the connotation 無論如何 他們只能昏昏欲睡~~對於演說的華麗不實加上一些...

    • 商用英文請高手幫解答-2

      ... recently, and _ are_ (be) pleased to _conclude_ (conclude) business with you in the _captioned_ (caption... have provided two answers for you to choose from. Usually, the first answer ...

    • 大家幫忙我...英文片語造句??

      ... in love. 2.結束 We only need two more sentances to conclude the assignment 3.就好像我們看到的 Can we play the card game as we ...