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    to dispose of

    • ph.
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    • 簡單英文文法小解析

      ...many environmentalists have today) is to find different ways to dispose of waste, or trash, rather than throwing it all in landfills. You...

    • 這句文法是否正確

      ...can be"programed" to reduce their own baked-on grime to easily disposed ofashes. disposed of 用過去分詞來當形容詞用, 修飾 ashes (ashes是被處理的) 並沒有...

    • 合約協議英文翻譯為中文(2)

      ...accordance with Article 22 and Article 24(2); 2)On the consignee to recover or dispose of the waste if it has been effected as an illegal shipment, in accordance...