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  1. to distraction

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    • 1. 到不可忍受的地步 They were driven to distraction by the flies. 他們被蒼蠅攪得煩透了。
    • 2. 瘋狂地 He loves her to distraction. 他愛她愛得發瘋。
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    • to 為什麼有時候當介係詞?

      ...way to the bottom.海水清澈見底 b. 到達…範圍或程度 loved him to distraction 愛他愛到發狂 c. 到…結局 nursed her back to health 照顧...

    • 請問 as ... as... 用法 asset to his company. 1. so much to be a distraction as that he can be 2. as much of a distraction as he...如此...以致於)的句型, 正確應是: so much as a distraction that he can be... 3. so much of a distraction but could...

    • 副詞子句何時要加與不加逗點? short or long, because lack of variety is wearying and may drive you to distraction. 2012-04-13 02:22:57 補充: 不好意思 第二個例子的because忘了改大寫>