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  1. to hand


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    • 1. 在手邊 I don't seem to have my book to hand. 我的書好像不在手邊。
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    • she has to hand in....in是否可以不加

      ... which are related to the report that she has to hand in by this Friday. 您的問題是 一 material related 可以改為...

    • 翻譯句子to hand

      ...是要....繳交這個東西 所以整句Mr.Lin asks me to hand in my report on Friday. 翻譯起來就是 林老師要求我在禮拜五要...

    • HAND的用法

      ... 分派 → to assign; to apportion; to allot; to hand out 分發 → to distribute; to hand out; to give out...'ve handed in my homework to teacher. HAND DOWN 把...傳下去 → This custom...