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  1. to have an urge to

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    • 1. 強烈地想要做某事;有衝動要做某事 Seeing that she is so young and pretty, I had an urge to dance with her and hold her in my arms. 看到她長得這麼年輕漂亮,我有衝動想跟她跳舞並將她攬到懷裡。
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    • 能不能幫忙修飾一下這幾句英文

      ... see your company recruiting teachers lately, I have an urge to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher again. 沒有怎聽過這個,但...

    • 急!!幫翻一句英文>< "用愛來威脅"

      ...女生不去墮胎,他就會不愛她了 The boy urges the girl to abort by threatening not to love her...11-20 11:27:55 補充: 真是愛抬槓, 還有to do an abortion, to have an abortion; to effect abortion呢! 醫院或醫師為主...

    • ”笑點低”的英文???

      I get the "urge to laugh" easily. 或  I am a perosn who gets the "urge to laugh" easily.I like to laugh.  或  I am a person who likes to laugh.I sometimes have an uncontrollabe urge to laugh.