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  1. to have second thoughts

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    • 1. 三思,重新考慮 I have second thoughts about marrying him after I discovered that he had other girlfriends. 自從我發現他還有其他女友之後,我對於與他結婚就重新考慮。
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      ...feel bad about it You said you have a girlfriend and I dare not to have second thoughts But your tenderness makes me not knowing what to...

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      ...increase or maintain the original price in order to assist all love this product users have a better competitive market Once again, your second thoughts and concerns will be highly...

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      現在一些在凡吐拉市的校長們,對於停學處分有著不同的想法。 他們更改了一些管理學生紀律的政策,而同意採用一種新的處罰方式: 他們不再將學生送回家,讓學生舒服地躺在沙發上看電視;而是將更多問題學生留在學校內。 違規的學生將仍舊受到停學處分,但他們將被安置在校區內...