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    to make haste to

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    • grammars' problems incongruous, seemingly self-contradictory effect, as in “cruel kindness” or “to make haste slowly.”oxymoron is too, a literary device that is to be applied...

    • "自己一個人也可以過的很好"翻譯!!!!

      Don't haste to make a boyfriend. You can live well on your own/by yourself. 因為前面是祈使句,表示省略的是you 所以我後面用you當主詞 不知道是不是你要的? 如果"自己"不是you的話,前面用祈使句就會怪怪的囉~~

    • 有誰能幫我翻英文講稿?? 【 中翻英 】急!

      ...驚又喜,急忙拆開盒子,看看裡面究竟裝著什麼? it surprized me, I made haste to open,wanting to see what in the box. 打開之後,發現裡面放著一個精緻的...