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  1. to name a few

    • ph.
      giving only these as examples, even though more could be cited
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    • 請問 to name a few是什麼意思?

      to name a few (OR: to name but a few)的意思是指"只舉一些例子(隱含還有很多例子,但是不一一列舉的意思)" Many people came to the meeting.  John, Joe, Helen, Mary, to name but a few.

    • 關於幾何學的英文問題

      ...logic, deductive reasoning, analytical reasoning and problem solving to name just a few. ALL THE ANSWERS ABOVE ARE EXCERPTED...

    • 有冇 jobs name 係唔加+ er +ist ...

      To name a few disc jockey veterinarian accountant actor/actress repairman architect auto mechanic...musician retail clerk security guard author cook You may find it easier to check any employment websites. Good luck.