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    to outward seeming

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    • seam 和 looks 的差別

      ...look(看起來) 在這裡英文字典裡的意思『give a certain impression or have a certain outward aspect. 給予一個特定印象或有個特定的外表觀點。』seem(好像/似乎) 在這裡英文字典裡的意思『appear to one's own mind or opinion. 發表出自己的想法和意見。』這裡,look與seem都是...

    • (英文)可以幫忙看看有哪裡需要修改的媽?

      ..., come to a bottle of rum!".The author used many words to describe Bill the geezer outward appearance, including his shape, skin, hair plait, hands, even connect...

    • George Orwell 1984的問題

      ...039;s comes true: namely, an interaction with O'Brien that seems to establish a mutual "thoughtcrimeful" tendency. Winston regards the...