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  1. to perfection


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    • 1. 完全地;完滿地 The dress fitted her to perfection. 這件衣服她穿得合身極了。
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    • 幫翻譯英文文章(有關埃及金字塔的)

      ...and only Ancient Wonder still standing, are testimony to perfection in art and design, never subsequently achieved. Giza金字塔群是世界上...

    • 不懂的英文句子.....

      ... soldiers are asked to shine their shoes to perfection. (這些士兵們被要求把鞋子擦到最亮) 這裡應該是被動語態吧!"擦亮"...

    • 英文翻譯!關於狗狗美容的部份

      Very important and seldom seen to perfection.Must be double-coated. 非常重要並很少...和肩膀部位, properly blended and trimmed to blend shorter areas into furnishings...