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  1. to put it mildly (or putting it mildly)

    • ph.
      used to imply that the reality is more extreme, usually worse
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    • 有些英文片語意思?

      ...已經向下沉了三次 (字面上)/ 快撐不下去了 3. To push one's luck 得存進尺 4. Pushing...idea 不成熟的想法(字面上) 7. That's putting it mildly 輕描淡寫的意思 8. Best of both ...

    • 單字distractable跟distractible哪個對

      ..., 1915. She was mildly hyperactive, distractable, flippant, ..."4..., fl. 1649 (1844)"... put to ane work of greatest consequence, al men (doe as it ware) hunger till they be satisfied...