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  1. to put the finishing touches on

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    • 1. 加以最後的修飾 The sketches of Chen Yi-Fei's oil paintings are done by his students. He just put the finishing touches on them. 陳逸飛的油畫都是他的學生打底的,他只是做最後的修飾。
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      ...workshop. And I made the final touches(最後修飾) on my Inauguration day visual...e. a painting). 所以你那句裡的 finishing touches 也可以 = 這一句裡的 final...

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      ... been in touch with customer service since...girl. Therefore, to interact with my part time job, put on my outfit, and ...hospitality. My attitude at the job was to be positive...

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      1. fashion-plate 2. in brief或in short 3. He puts on clothes to be specially attractive. 4. to add the finishing touch 5. take somone surprise 6. match perfect 7. in vain