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    • 1. 喚醒意識;提高認知 The government's hike of the cigarette tax also serves to raise the public's awareness about the harms of smoking. 政府提高煙稅也有喚醒民眾對煙害的認知的作用。
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      ...about HIV AZ, you heard about races, you know people raising the awareness about this? Those things seems to have disappeared in a lot of place, you don't hear about it as much...

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      .... 大體來說,大約10%的求職者終於得到了職位。 It is necessary to raise awareness about the environment in general and air pollution in particular. 我們必須從總體上增強環境意識...

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      ...a 45-year-old ice hunter from Qaanaaq, a village of about 650 people whose brightly painted houses...21 補充: He's heading toward the ice edge to find walruses, as hunters of Inuit...