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  1. to sb.'s liking

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    • 1. 合某人意 Is everything to your liking? 一切都合你的意嗎?
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    • like,alike,likely的差別

      like-- similar to sb/sth 相似; 類似; 像 ex. She's wearing a dress like mine...的特點,像…才會 ex. It's just like her to tell everyone about it. (她就是這麼個人...

    • 請問keep sb.'s hands busy的用法

      It’s not that I really like jigsaw puzzle. I just want to keep my hands busy. It’s so boring during ...

    • 請問遇到這種句型的英文,要怎麼學呢?

      ... by again, sounding like a toy helicopter. Too small to be a bird. Then an awful... comes to Sb 某人想到某事Another...sudden inspiration. 5. A’s voice comes to B...