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  1. to scale

    • ph.
      with a uniform reduction or enlargement
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    • ph.
      with a uniform reduction or enlargement

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 請幫忙解釋經濟學名詞(簡答題)==>急贈20點

      固定規模報酬(constant returns to scale) 如果所有要素增加同一百分比,而產量增加的百分比和所有要素的百分比一樣...大於要素增加的百分比時,稱為規模報酬遞增(increasing returns to scale)。又稱規模經濟。 如果產量增加的百分比小於要素增加的百分比時,稱為規模...

    • 經濟學原理問題

      1. Diminishing returns to scale means that when more capital, k, used, the less returns ...equilibrium point on the curve where L and K will give you an ideal return to scale. Another consequence would be the a decrease in growth would be the growth ...

    • element types的中文是?

      element types元素、要素、成分類別Allows the user to scale element types by a percentage.准許使用者以百分比衡量元素類別