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  1. to start with

    • ph.
      第一; 首先;起初; 開始時
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    • 1. 第一; 首先 To start with we haven't enough money, and secondly we're too busy. 一來我們的錢不夠, 二來我們沒時間。
    • 2. 起初; 開始時 The club had only six members to start with. 這個俱樂部最初只有六個成員。


    第一; 首先

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    • ph.


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    • 求教with a whimper, with a bang

      to start off with a bang but end up with a whimper (虎頭蛇尾). = to begin with a flourish but peter out towards the end. = come in like a lion and go out like a lamb

    • ture love

      maybe you want to start with how much you got from the socirty...people's mind ) then closing with the fact that you will start doing these things and promote others to do the same, together you will create...

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