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    • 1. 偶然發現 Yesterday afternoon, while I was having afternoon tea at the Shangri-la Hotel, I stumbled upon a lawyer friend of mine. 昨天下午在香格里拉飯店喝下午茶時我偶然發現了我的一位律師朋友也在場。
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    • 中翻英...我知道有點給他過分 但是請你們幫幫忙= =”

      ... a cute girl 偶然之下來到靠近海邊的小鎮上 She happened to stumble upon a small town by the sea 開始他夢想中的冒險 在這一段驚險又刺激的旅程裡 ...

    • 英語高手幫我翻譯這篇文章

      ...同情的意見好感動 不過言歸正傳 How are you, 你好嗎 I stumbled upon your video just a sec ago and though it was very good. Have you ever though of tryin to get it featured ? . 我不久前剛好逛到你的影片而且覺得它非常好 你有沒有...

    • 此段翻譯求救英─中

      ... feet, trying not to stumble. 她靠腳來感覺道路, 試著別絆倒... it and tried to run. 她把它移開, 試圖用跑的前進...克莉絲緹說的故事. "One upon a time there was a little girl...