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    to sum up

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    • 英文in sum(總而言之)的用法

      in sum, to sum up, to conclude, in a word, in short, in brief, all in all, in all, to put it in... view prejudiced against rebellions as threats to the harmonious social order and the ruling dynasty while the communists...

    • 全民英檢中級作文批改~希望專業人士解答:)

      我先大概講一下 就是說 結尾太過冗長 To sum up總言之 表示說你解說已經完畢 準備給個...對網路曉知的重要性 再怎強調也不為過"   To sum up, in spite of its magnet for teenagers...

    • 想知道10個英文句型

      as long as 只要, 是片語, 不是句型吧. to sum up 總而言之 To sum up, it's not easy to write a good...intelligent. for example/instance 例如 For example, they have to get up at about 6am. according to 根據... According...