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    to the extent of

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    • 文法題一題) the extent to 的用法

      ...extent (或多或少) 到達某樣程度 to the extent : He gambled seriously, to the extent of losing his job and house. 他賭博嚴重到失業輸掉房子(的程度...

    • 誠徵英翻中高手 (MRI相關)

      ... performed as an additional study to evaluate the extent of the Fibrous Dysplasia ...說明中未被指出。 MRI may be used to evaluate the extent of a lesion or its internal structure in FD...

    • 「就某種程度上而言」請問英文~

      ...了. 就某種程度上而言 in a certain extent in a certain degree speaking to the extent of xxxx speaking to the degree of xxxx 2010-04-14 14:30:01 補充: 上述網址...