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  1. to the nines

    • ph.
      to a great or elaborate extent
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    • Dressed up to the nines?

      dressed up to the nines  :  If you're 'dressed to the nines...整齊,打扮得漂漂亮亮、光鮮亮麗,叫做”dressed up to the nines”。有人考證,說nines其實是eyes古字變音,但考古學...

    • 英文:5的9次方及5的開根號,要怎麼講?

      5的9次方 five to the ninth power X 的 n 次方 --> x to the n-th power (n 要用序數) 5的開根號 (如果是平方根) 我以前在美國唸大學, 有學過 the square root of 5 (the cube root 立方根) X 的 n 次方根 --> the n-th root of x

    • [20點] 急!! 幫忙中翻英 不要網路翻譯和翻譯軟體

      ...because of money, on the other hand think it is unnecessary. According to the ninth question, we believe that the attractiveness of Korean artists is...