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    • <<最急件>>翻譯英文 贈15點越快越好

      ... fewer fruit flies and less damage is caused to the star fruit crop. 如此一來, 就會有更少的果蠅, 對於楊桃的傷害自然就減少了 2006-04...

    • 翻譯,一句話!!我要去找星星

      I need to go find the stars. I need to go find some stars. 2011-11...11-14 20:37:15 補充: I need to (go) look for the stars. I have to (go) search for the stars. I must (go) find...

    • 請幫我用英文翻譯這幾句話

      ...Stars in the sky is crying 2 everyone is looking to the stars, because it is so bright. But who really understand it? 3 sky are...