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    to warm up

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    • All I have to do is

      ...接is? What we are going to do is warm up 請問這有錯嗎? do 後面真的可以接is嗎?] 你有...的主詞是整個 What we are going to do 這個子句,和 do 也是分屬兩個不同的子句...

    • 英文課要用到有關微波爐文章,我急需翻譯這篇(應不籠統或不符) gain more time for rescuing a patient, a nurse used a microwave oven to warm up the blood. As soon as the blood, which was warmed up by microwave...

    • 翻譯運動防護的文章!!

      ... the body to prepare for the movement, warms up the activity to be possible to increase the muscle the blood stream...noteworthy that, the extension movement must certainly after warms up the movement carry on, and the movement must be gentle...