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    to wear out

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    • 問一個英文問題~~

      ...你有流感) 預防擴散 In order not to spread your flu around, you ought to wear a mask when going out. 前半句用 prevent: To prevent from spreading your flu around...

    • 請問以下的英文文法正確嗎?

      ...希望對你有幫助 2008-04-24 11:53:24 補充: to go out離開to turn around轉身to wear out穿破 to throw away放棄from then on從那時起to pay attention to注意 to go out離開to...

    • I am stressed out.

      ...all night and I'm worn out.=> be worn out累垮了 2. After that 5-mile run I...喪失理智竭 5.The man worked so hard as to burn himself out.=>burn out燒盡,人的力竭...