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  1. to what extent

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    • 1. 達到何種程度 To what extent can he be believed? 可以相信他到什麼程度?
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    • 請問”To what extent ”的用法....20!!

      to what extent 到什麼程度 how much how many How serious to what degree To what extent will the budget have to be modified? To what extent do you think he's aware of the problem? To what extent does idealism...

    • 請幫我翻譯此句英文,謝謝To what extent....

      ...要翻成中文,將其視為原因是權宜的方式。因為中文無法使用這個觀察點來搭配To what extent and in what way。GERDER一語使用被動,所以有隱藏的主動主語,隱藏的...

    • 請幫我翻譯此句英文,謝謝To what extent....

      To what extent and in what way is gender experienced and organized in terms of race and class relations ? 基於種族與階級的關係, 試說明性別的體驗與組織的安排上在程度與方法上的差異?