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  1. to-do

    • KK[təˋdu]
    • DJ[təˋdu:]


    • n.
    • 名詞複數:to-dos

    • 相關詞
    • ph.
      向...表示敬意 All the kings of smaller countries did honor to him. 小國家的國王都向他致敬。
    • ph.
      傷害, 損害 Don't you know that smoking will do harm to your health? 難道你不知道抽菸對你的健康有害嗎? He is aware of the gossips that do harm to his reputation. 他知道那些損害他名譽的閒言閒語。
    • ph.
      公平描述, 處理; 欣賞, 充分享用 I should like to do full justice to both sides. 對雙方我都要充分地公平對待。 He never did justice to his son's ability. 他從未賞識他兒子的才能。
    • ph.
      違背; 破壞; 歪曲 It would do violence to her principles to work on Sunday. 星期天工作會破壞她的原則。 That piece of news had done violence to the truth. 那則新聞歪曲了事實。
    • ph.
      為...帶來榮譽 His good performance in school does great credit to his mother. 他在學校的優良表現為他母親帶來極大的榮譽。 His improved performance does credit to his trainer. 他的表演有進步, 這應該歸功於他的教練。
    • ph.
    • ph.
      向……表示敬意 All the kings of smaller countries did honor to him. 小國家的國王都向他致敬。
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    • IPA[təˈdu]
    • n.
      喧鬧 what a to-do! 吵死了!
    • 嚷鬧,騷亂


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    • how to do? NYC). But I think panda needs to know that - each human organ grows at different rate. I...2012-11-13 21:39:47 補充: the ET made me do it - she is evil and mature, of course.

    • To DoDoing 的用法

      To Do是加在某些動詞後.例如want.need. What do you want... are you doing? 你在幹什麼?    Doing exercise is good to health. 做運動有益身體健康

    • what to do ?與how to do it?

      what to do的what是疑問代名詞,意思是[什麼],所以你可以想成to do what,因為這個to do不定詞是以what 為邏輯...wonder who to invite. Show me what to do. 2010-04-08 08:53:02 補充: 不定詞片語...