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  1. toast

    • IPA[təʊst]



    • n.
    • vt.
    • 過去式:toasted 過去分詞:toasted 現在分詞:toasting

    • 名詞複數:toasts

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 烤麵包片 to do or make (some) toast 做(一些)烤麵包片 a piece or slice of toast 一片烤麵包片
    • 2. 乾杯 to drink a toast (to sb./sth.) (為某人/某事物)乾杯 to propose a toast (to sb.) 提議(為某人)乾杯


    • 1. this bread tastes good toasted 這麵包烤後味道很好 a toasted sandwich 烤三明治
    • 2. 把…烤得焦黃
    • 3. 烘暖
    • 4. 提議為…乾杯; 為…乾杯 they were toasted with champagne 大家舉起香檳酒為他們乾杯


    1. a call to a gathering of people to raise their glasses and drink together in honour of a person or thing, or an instance of drinking in this way

    2. a person or thing that is very popular or held in high regard by a particular group of people

    3. cook or brown (food, especially bread or cheese) by exposure to a grill, fire, or other source of radiant heat

    4. warm (oneself or part of one's body) in front of a fire or other source or heat

    5. drink to the health or in honour of (someone or something) by raising one's glass together with others


    「1. warm (oneself or part of one's body) in front of a fire or other source or heat」的反義字

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      toast your bread for free 是什麼意思 這是固定用法嗎?toast 作為動詞不是敬酒嗎?這句話我翻譯的怪怪的 這就是"背單字"的後果...

    • 請問”toast”(吐司)有分成幾類嗎?

      toast在中文常翻成吐司,所以很多人以為就是white toast,其實是不對的最主要區分在於有沒有〝烤過〞沒烤過的=bread(也就是俗稱的麵包...

    • plate of toast~的意思/文法?

      1. I meant please pass the plate of toast ---> 我的意思是請你傳一下那盤吐司麵包.2. Plate of toast --->...