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    • 今天,當今,現在今天,當今
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    • Here tomorrow and gone today意思

      這裡用 Here tomorrow, gone today 不是你想的意思,是罵人 「好高騖遠」,不知珍惜今天擁有的,總拋棄今天...我很好奇為什麼這兩句中英文會扯上關係? Here tomorrow, gone today 我今天失去的東西(尊嚴) 明天又是滿滿 在我來看,歌詞非常直接,就是不滿...

    • today該用哪種動詞時態?

      In general, "today" will use with "present tense". However, it is better...tense is better. (2) The children played baseball today. In this sentence, you place your time reference point "after" the...

    • today

      可以ㄚ 例句: Today is my birthday. 今天是我的生日. 說不行的應該是時間或天氣吧! 例句: It is 10 o'clock. 現在10點鐘. It is fine. 今天天氣很好.