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    • 誰能:幫日記能中翻英

      肥貓你好: 已下是我的翻譯!有問題請多多見諒! 6/5 today week 5 noon past 2 o'clock we in attend class just outside in the...all wet to force? Where outside does 6/6 today also continuously rain on runs friend to ask him...

    • 請問這句的英文是?

      (Today/This week) We have the 15% off sale to celebrate this mall' s anniversary.

    • 請分析(What day of the week is to

      What day of the week is today? 1.整句是說,今天星期幾? 其中 "of the week"可省略 也可簡說 what day is today? 2.What day of the week:這星期哪一天 定冠詞 "the" week 限定指這個星期,不能省略。