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  1. toffee

    • IPA[ˈtôfē]


    • n.
      a kind of firm or hard candy that softens when sucked or chewed, made by boiling together sugar and butter, often with other ingredients or flavorings added.;a small shaped piece of toffee candy.
    • noun: toffee, plural noun: toffees

  2. 知識+

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      toffee-nosed這個用語的典故 我想了解這個toffee-nosed詞的典故 還是有什麼小故事 和太妃糖有關係嗎 您好喔 , 我想版主應該已經知到 toffee-nosed 這個形容詞的意思 一般字典解釋 "snobbish" "...

    • Toffee apple是什麼樣的食物呢? here are the pictures of toffee apples 基本上是把toffee(牛奶糖)裹在通常是青蘋果外面 有些像中國的...

    • gmat-資充問題

      ... bought two kinds of candy bars, chocolate and toffee, that came in packages of 2 bars each. He handed...