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  1. toilet soap


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    • 段落翻譯 不流暢

      ...a number). Sometimes they give me clean clothes, or toilet paper, soap, and so on. I try sleep but can’t. I wait for the next day 在守衛...

    • 救命~可數及不可名詞

      ...捲餅!可數!   toothbrushes 牙刷分成兩半[不成]牙刷!可數!   soap 肥皂分成兩半[還是]肥皂!不可數!   shampoo 洗髮精分成兩半[還是]洗髮精!不可數!   toilet paper 衛生紙撕成兩半[還是]衛生紙!不可數!   paper towels 紙巾...

    • 英文翻譯!!會話課要用.....誰能幫我??

      ...three, one day,I ran into the bathroom naughtily and threw the soaps and toothbrushes to the toilet then flushed them when my mom was cooking in the...