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    • 英文這樣搭配顏色很 "跳 tone "

      ...顏色很 "跳 tone" Such a color collocation looks way out of tone. Such a color collocation goes quite beyond association. 2013-01-24 15:07:30 補充: "跳...

    • 有哪些英文單字能用來解釋語氣(tone)呢?

      ...) make up an octave (音) 全音 6.[C] 1.tint or shade (of a color); degree (of light) 色度; 光度 Ex.1.a carpet in tones of brown 有棕色和橙色交織的一塊地毯 2.general effect...

    • [急]求一篇英文文章關於music

      ...primacy in European-influenced classical music: melody, harmony, rhythm, tone color/timbre, and form. A more comprehensive list is given by stating...