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    • 有哪些英文單字能用來解釋語氣(tone)呢?

      ...of the book is satirical/ the book is satirical in tone. 總的說來, 這本書是諷刺性的. 2.set the tone for/ of the meeting with a conciliatory speech 以表示和解的講話為會議定調子...

    • 一句很長的英文句

      ...的軍事行動,如果(台)島正式決裂,注:條件從句的倒裝,以 if 為標誌。in line with a general toned-down rhetoric that China is employing so as not to give ammunition...

    • 關於語言學的幾個名詞~20點喔

      ...the sound /n/ of English normally has an alveolar place of articulation, in the word tenth it is pronounced with a dental place of articulation because the following sound, /θ/, is dental...