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  1. tone up

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      強化, 提高
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    • 1. 強化, 提高 Swimming is the best way to tone up your body. 游泳是增加你體質的最好方法。 More exercise and a change of diet -- that is what you need to tone up your body. 多運動, 變換飲食, 這是你增強體質所必需的。


    強化, 提高


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    • 保養的英文看不懂~~

      Tone-up Emulsion、緊膚乳液 Tone-up Toner、緊膚化妝水 Intensive Serum、加強精華液 liquid foaming cleaner 液體泡沫面部清潔 液(洗面霜 )

    • 幫忙翻譯化妝品英文

      ...清潔劑 of moist ultra rich cream=超保濕護膚霜 olive real body butter=橄欖身體乳 white tone up essence=加強美白精華 micro whip foam (firming)=微泡沫緊緻拉提 jelly base...

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      ...that every day, which is not good for you skin. And massage will help to tone up loose skin under the chin. Finally, you have to know roughness of the skin can...