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  1. toned

    • IPA[tōnd]


    • adj.
      having firm and well-defined muscles;having a particular color or shade; tinted
    • 釋義


    • 1. having firm and well-defined muscles her toned physique beautifully toned arms and shoulders
    • 2. having a particular color or shade; tinted toned paper richly toned prints
    • 3. having a musical or vocal sound of a specified pitch, quality, or strength a rich-toned string instrument a clear-toned soprano voice
    • 4. having a particular character or attitude your responses are lightly toned but very perceptive
  2. 知識+

    • 有哪些英文單字能用來解釋語氣(tone)呢?

      tone n. 1. [C] sound, especially with reference to ...音質 Ex.1. The ringing tones of an orator's voice 演說者宏亮的聲音....1.a picture in warm, dull, bright, etc tones 暖色調的、暗淡的、明亮的... 畫兒...

    • 韻律學中的register tone 的定義是什麼?感謝你

      register tone tone在語言學中分為兩大類 Tones fall into two broad patterns.... In many register tone systems there is a default...

    • tone on tone

      tone on tone 是用同一色調、印在同色材料上 ,使它有不同的光影效果 這裡有一個YouTube的tone on tone紙上浮雕教學 看了就懂了 她是用草綠色印在草綠色的紙上 然後鋪上...