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    • 舌苔的英文?

      Tongue coating coating 塗層;外層;覆蓋層;塗;塗料;(裹在食品外部的)面衣,糖衣

    • 英文翻譯後位修飾

      Emma enjoys eating delicious foods like shrimp and meat. Peter likes to play football and tennis. or Peter likes playing football and tennis. 我第1個看不太懂 可是我覺得應該是這樣

    • 中翻英 不要翻譯網站的 簡單幾句

      ...taked out, made into half, then bit it. The tongue tastes peanut butter and strawberry jam separately. ... to replaced it, used the apparatus to coat ice cream and put on the sesame seed cake, then cut the ...